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500 Smith & Wesson Magnum
Ballistic Information

300 gr. XTP Defense Load  OUT OF STOCK

50 rnd box = $90.00
Muzzle velocity = 900 fps
Muzzle energy = 540 ft. lbs.

The Defense Load is designed for just that - Home Defense. It has proven to be extremely reliable, accurate, and recoil is minimal which gives you the capability to fire and hit the target in Double Action Mode. With the Defense Load, there is no over-penetration. We believe we have addressed this issue in a much better way than using the so-called 500 S&W “Special“ rounds that seem to be a problem within themselves.  We have taken Hornady's 300 gr. XTP (not the flex tip), and have modified it to expand very rapidly at 900 fps.  This gives you peace of mind that there are no worries of hitting your neighbor a quarter of a mile down the road.

Consider this: The standard 45 ACP has been one of the No. 1 defense loads for almost 100 years. It has a .451“ bore and pushes a 230 gr. slug at 800 fps with 327 ft. lbs. of energy. The 500 S&W Defense Load is a .500“ bore and pushes a 300 gr. bullet at 900 fps with 540 ft. lbs. of energy.

The accuracy of these loads is second to none with an average of 1 inch or less at 25 yards for 5 rounds. The Defense Load is also available in our Sample Pak. Try it - you will be amazed!

350 gr. Reduced Target Load OUT OF STOCK

50 rnd. box =$85.00
Muzzle Velocity = 1250 fps
Muzzle Energy = 1215 ft. lbs.
Recoil = 19 ft. lbs.

We offer the 350 gr. Reduced Target Load for those shooters who like to practice and not have their hands or their wallets beat up. It's a very mild load at 1250 fps, but even in it's mildness it still generates upwards of 200 ft. lbs. more energy than a standard .44 magnum. This load is very economical especially for sighting-in purposes as it hits very close to the same impact of the full-house 350 gr. XTP. The recoil of this load in the 8 3/8 barrel closely approximates the Colt 45. An extremely fine load for beginners and experts alike who enjoy shooting the 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum.


50 rnd. box = $95.00
Muzzle Velocity = 1650 fps
Muzzle Energy = 2116 ft. lbs.
Recoil = 39 ft. lbs.

This load uses Hornady's extremely reliable 350 gr. XTP bullet, but this IS NOT the Hornady load. The XTP is one of the greatest bullet designs ever created. It expands over a wide range of velocities and is very well suited for the 500 S&W Mangum. We recommend this load especially for deer and small pigs. With twice the energy of the 44 Magnum and cutting a 1/2 entrance hole, whatever the game is, it's not going very far. This is a premium load and is priced as such, but bear in mind, the current average cost of the Hornady brand is $55.00 for 20 rounds. This means that each Hornady round cost $2.75 each. Our normal 50 round box with shipping costs is approximately $2.00 each, or a 27% savings per round over the Hornady brand. There is no comparision in price and the accuracy is second to none. Normal groups run 1” - 1 1/2 at 50 yards off a rest.

500 gr. XTP - FP   OUT OF STOCK

50 rnd. box = $104.00
Muzzle Velocity = 1325 fps
Muzzle Energy = 1950 ft. lbs.
Recoil = 49 ft. lbs.

There is only one thing to say for this load - 100% RAW POWER! From mastadons to 4“ solid concrete blocks - NOTHING stops this sledge hammer. This is the load we recommend when the only thing that matters is that it's dead, especially on things that are hellbent on biting you back. If you're looking for the most powerful, biggest and baddest bang in a jacketed bullet when you pull that trigger- you've found it in the 500 XTP-FP. It's a WILD THING - HOLD ON TIGHT!


50 rnd. box = $120.00
20 rnd. box = $60.00
Muzzle velocity = 1200 fps
Muzzle energy = 2240 ft. lbs
Recoil = 64 ft. lbs.

The 700 gr. Hardcast is now part of our permanent line-up, and the response has been TREMENDOUS! This will handle any Tyrannosaurus in your back yard. This is the LARGEST COMMERCIAL LOAD AVAILABLE, and the only place you can get it is right here. Our standard loading for best accuracy and all-around knockdown power is 1200 fps with 2240 ft. lbs. of energy and a Taylor KO Factor of 60. The Taylor Factor places this between a 375 H&H Magnum and a 458 Win Mag.  If you plan on shooting more than one or two of these in one session, we recommend wearing a padded shooting glove. If you are into maximum recoil and self-abuse, this is the round for you. The bottom line is - You've bought the Biggest and the Baddest Revolver out there and this will demonstrate it's MAXIMUM CAPABILITY!! These are also available in the Sample Pak (20 rnds. maximum) or in a 20 round box.

NOTE: Due to RECOIL and destabilization, the 700 gr. bullet is not recommended for barrel lengths 4“ or shorter. This does not mean that you can't shoot it in the shorter barrels.  It will not hurt your gun, but it may sting your hand a bit. 

Due to the unavailability of 50 cal. gas checks, and the cost when we find them, we are no longer using the gas checked designed bullet.  Steve Brooks of Brooks Moulds has duplicated the original 700 gr. but it is of the plain-base design.  We have found this design to be a little more accurate with only minimal leading.  In most cases, it is recommended that the barrel be thoroughly cleaned after 100 rounds or more have been fired.  HAVE FUN and HANG ON!

NOTE:  Prices do not include shipping. 

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