Sunday, April 30, 2017


Welcome Shooters and Hunters!

We are Bill and Leona Bramlett, owners of Ballistic Supply. We are a class 6 manufacturing facility and have 35 years experience in the manufacturing of all types of ammunition. We decided to go public and started Ballistic Supply in 2004.

We are offering to the public at this time, the 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum. We have a full spectrum of loaded ammunition available, from the Defense to the Full-House loads. Our prices are for the guys and gals who would rather shoot than work overtime to pay for 12 or 20 rounds at their local sporting goods store. Make no mistake, our ammunition is priced at 50 rounds per box unless otherwise specified.

We've got the best selection around; from mild to wild! If you want some mild target loads, we've got you covered. Easy on the hand and easier on the pocketbook. If you want something that will stand on you and what you are aiming at, the 500 gr. XTP-FP Full House load or the 700 gr. Hardcast has got you covered there. OR, if there is a particular bullet or load that you prefer, custom orders are welcome as well.


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